1995 Ford GT90 - White Noise

Words Damion Smy It was to be America’s first supercar. Ford had been designing vehicles based on its ‘Aero’ language since the 1980s, when the original Taurus saved the company from the increasingly confident – and better built – competition. By the mid-90s, Aero was standard operating procedure at the Ford design department – if it ain’t broke… The design team were readying the proposals for senior management at Dearborn. James Hope, a young designer who’d started at the Detroit car maker less than two years earlier, didn’t expect his model would make the cut. See, Hope had missed the Aero memo. Or more so, ignored it. The young designer was instead inspired by sharper designs such as the F-117 stealth fighter, a radar-defying US military secret until 1988, which saw acute angles and hard edges prioritised to fly undetected into enemy skies.

Tue Oct 17 2023

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